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Up to age 21



22 years and up


No hidden fees

This fee includes:

  • A one-hour private, personalized consultation with Dr. Knoefel and his Treatment Coordinator. This is not a five minute orthodontic screening!
  • All correspondence with your dentist and other health providers, including specialists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists, physicians, etc.
  • Presentation and detailed explanation of your personalized care plan.
  • Any diagnostic images and x-rays required.

It will be reimbursed by your dental insurance provider.

Your investment in orthodontic care includes:

  • All diagnostic records and images obtained at Oasis Orthodontics.
  • All required appliances, devices, and auxilliary products needed to obtain a successful treatment outcome*.
  • All visits, including virtual care visits and emergency visits.
  • All correspondence with your dentist and other health providers, including specialists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists, physicians etc.
  • The first set of retainers and one in-person retention care visit.

* Any procedures being performed at any other dentists’ or specialists’ offices, such as jaw surgery, implants, gum surgery, extractions, or exposures are not included in the treatment fee.

Dr. Knoefel reviewing patient files with a member of his team

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Your smile, your way…

Build the smile of a lifetime.

Build the smile of a lifetime.

Create a smile in an efficient and effective way that works for you and your schedule.

Flexible payment options

Flexible payment options

We provide multiple interest-free payment plans and options for your convenience.

Be an active participant

Be an active participant

You matter as much as your smile does. We will encourage and motivate you as an active participant in your smile journey.

Start your new smile today.

Book your consult with Dr. Knoefel and the Oasis team today!

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A consult that’s focused on you.

  • Explore multiple treatment and payment options.
  • Get a full one-hour in-depth consultation with Dr. Knoefel and the Oasis team.
  • Only start treatment when you are comfortable and ready.

A consult that’s focused on you.

The design phase

Be at the center of your treatment plan.

  • Understand clearly where your current smile is at.
  • Tweak your plan for your goals and lifestyle.

Your new smile begins.

  • Start your first day of treatment with the Oasis team!

Your treatment start date

Regular monitoring and motivational checkups

Ensure your treament stays on course.

  • Checkups designed to motivate you on your smile journey.
  • Earn points for each appointment that go towards gift cards with Patient Rewards Hub points.
  • Monitor and see your progress with Dr. Knoefel and the Oasis team.

Experience your new smile for the very first time.

  • Debond your attachments and see your brand new smile.
  • Get your before and after photos to see your transformation.
  • Receive a personal gift from the Oasis team for completing your treatment.

Celebrating your new smile

Always there for you

Maintain the health of your new smile.

  • We are always here to support you even after your treatment is complete.

The gift of a smile.

Dr. Knoefel knows how embarrassing it felt to have ‘buck teeth’ and a lisp because his tongue kept shooting into the gap between his upper and lower front teeth.

He also remembers beaming from ear to ear when his braces came off, and the boost in self-confidence that an attractive smile brought him in those formative teen years.

By age fourteen he had decided that he wanted to transform smiles and become an orthodontist himself.

For over twenty years, Dr. Knoefel has helped thousands of people unleash their self-confidence through the transformative power of a radiant new smile.

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Dr Knoefel as a child

Photo of Dr. Knoefel fitting a clear aligner to a male patient

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Photograph Disclaimer
All photographs on this webpage depict Dr. Knoefel’s patients, treatments and practice. Photographs are for informational purposes only, because individual treatment results will vary from patient to patient. Some patients may not be candidates for treatment.

Virtual Consult Disclaimer
The purpose of the virtual consult is to provide a screening examination and obtain a better understanding of your orthodontic needs. It does not substitute a formal, in-person consultation. Any treatment recommendations are based on the limited information provided in the virtual consult and are subject to change. No finalized treatment plan can be developed without a formal, in-person consultation and a complete set of professional diagnostic records.